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It is estimated that we throw away in excess of 1 million tonnes of textiles every year. Most of this unfortunately ends up in UK landfill sites. Condemning your old clothes to landfills has a greater impact on the environment than you may think. Textiles are a particular problem as synthetic (man-made fibres) do not decompose and remain buried; whilst woolen garments do decompose they produce greenhouse gases, which contribute to the ever-increasing problem of global warming.

Textile recycling helps to provide a sustainable solution to this problem. 
70% of the World’s population uses second-hand clothing. Recycling your unwanted clothing provides affordable wearable clothing to socially deprived areas across the globe. It also helps businesses in these countries create jobs and income for their families.

By recycling your old clothing you also help to provide employment in the UK in collection, sorting and grading of used clothing.

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